Next, the receiver gets added.  I was starting to have problems finding a good spot to put things, so I decided that this would go on the bottom.  Not necessarily ideal, especially if I fly from somewhere where the grass is wet.  The feet on the legs do help lift it off the ground some though.  The antenna I routed up along the side of the fuselage to stick straight up.  I ended up using a cable-tie and some shrink wrap tubing to give it some rigidity, and then zip-tied it in place to the top plate of the quad.


Stacking the boards

Time for more assembly.  The power distribution board had already been mounted in a previous step, so next I mount the led power distribution board.


More stand-offs on top of that, and then the flight controller board.


The wires from the various esc’s are plugged into the board into the above photo.  What you can’t see is that one of them is wired backwards, something I don’t figure out until later.

Finally, apply some power, and wow are those leds bright.