Origins of my desire to cut the cord

So, for a long time, I’ve had tv packages that largely included pretty much everything.  I started out many years ago with Directv, and had one of their packages that pretty much included all the normal channels and the premium channels.  Then my neighbor went and planted willow trees along the edge of his property.  Fast forward a few years, and suddenly I found myself having to switch to Comcast.  This actually started saving me some money, because I’d already switched to using Comcast for their cable internet instead of the dsl service I’d had before.  So again, went with one of their higher packages that had everything.  Which was fine, for about the first two years.  Then the end of that contract hit, and I found myself staring at a massive increase in the monthly costs.  So I reassessed what I needed, and dropped back a ways, and ended up with their HD Preferred 220+ Channels with Blast internet, along with the X1 dvr.  After a few months of that, I started looking at things, and realized that I’m still paying about $169 a month for TV plus the internet.  I then went to a slightly larger TV, and that only emphasized just how poor of a signal Comcast is putting out on their HD channels these days.  That was kinda the last straw for me, and set me off on the path of wondering what my options would be.  From experimenting, I was finding I could stream various channels like ESPN and get a better image quality with the streamed version that I was getting from Comcast.  Doesn’t quite seem like that’s all that reasonable.