MSU students kidnapped in Guatemala

Ok, this is kind of one of those weird coincidences.  Late last week a story came out about a group of Michigan State University students (where I also work) being briefly kidnapped and robbed in Guatemala.  Well, upon reading one of the stories, I discovered that apparently they were on their way to Lake Atitlan, and had stopped at a stretch of the road where cars seem to roll uphill when in neutral.  When we were in Guatemala on our last cruise, after leaving San Lucas Toliman, we stopped on a stretch of the road where our guide pointed out that in this area cars appear to roll uphill.  Now, I don’t know for sure that it was really the same spot, but it seems pretty likely.

Kodo, One Earth Tour

Went and saw Kodo’s One Earth Tour last night.  Had heard about them when they’d come through town many years ago, and the people I knew who’d seen the show had been impressed, but I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Very good show, quite glad I decided to get tickets to it.  These people are incredibly fit to be able to play for as long as they do, and the level of versatility they show is impressive.  I was also pretty impressed at one point when one guy dropped a drumstick, then had a replacement in his hand without missing a beat.  Happened fast enough that Cathy completely missed him grabbing the replacement.  If the show comes near you, and you at all like drums, it’s worth a trip to see them.

Deer in the neighborhood

This morning when Cathy’s alarm woke me up, I stuck my nose out the window trying to decide whether the roads were looking ok or not.  What I really hadn’t expected to see was a pair of deer in my neighbor’s yard.  Cathy’s seen deer near the end of our street before, but never saw them this close, and it was a first for me (although we do see them from time to time just a little south of us).  While I was watching, another one meandered across the street.

Of course, this was probably one of the safer spots for these deer.  This last weekend was the start of firearm season in Michigan.  One would hope that a residential street would deter any hunters from shooting at them.  They were also does, and I’m not really sure what Michigan’s rules on bucks vs does are in hunting.

Lessons about transporting Pillsbury dough

Ok, my wife and I sometimes eat some of the various Pillsbury dough products.  Today we learned that apparently there are ways you should not transport it home from the store.  Driving home from the store this evening we hear a noise from the back of the car.  Cathy thinks it’s a can of Pringles falling over, but I thought it sounded a lot like a loaf of bread popping.  Get home and check, and sure enough, it’s a loaf of bread.  As far as we can tell, the end of the can of bread was up against a pint of ice cream, and the shrinking from the cold caused just enough stress to cause the end of the can to pop.