Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman today. Made for an early morning, but thankfully we gained an hour of sleep with the clocks being set back. We rented a Jeep for the day, and headed out down the road with the ultimate goal of visiting Rum Point. Followed the driving tour that Frommer’s has on their site, although we discovered last night that apparently when I printed it, I only managed to print the first page, so we had to scramble last night to scribble down some notes on it.

Grand Cayman drives on the left, which really turned out to be pretty easy to do. However, I did find it odd that I kept having traffic come zooming up behind me and want to pass. Turns out, while the car’s primary speed measurement and odometer were in kilometers per hour, the speed limits on Grand Cayman are really actually in miles per hour. (As I discovered when passing through a school zone and noticing that the sign said MPH.) We annoyed a lot fewer drivers after that.

Finding things on the driving tour were sometimes kinda interesting, because they just don’t seem to like to put a lot of signs along their roads. It was often hard to tell exactly what road we were on, and what road we should turn on. Still, other than that, driving really wasn’t hard at all. Stopped by a small bird sanctuary (after circling a little to find it), but really wasn’t any birds there (fairly dried up, they apparently have been having dry weather lately, and it’s at the very early part of the season for the birds there).

Finally made it to Rum Point. Pretty nice place, free chairs and hammocks, not very crowded at all (although it did get a little busier when some tour boats arrived a little later). Water you could walk a long ways out and still only be in waist deep water. Didn’t see a lot of fish, although I think the other side of the dock might have had some more, and there was a small sting ray swimming around over there. Food and drink were pretty pricey, and of course it’s all priced in Cayman Island Dollars, which makes it cost even more.

Retraced our route back to Georgetown, then headed up north past 7 mile beach. We were headed to the Tortuga Rum Cake factory, which is near the turtle farm. The Frommers tour calls it a factory, and says you can see them make the cakes, but it turned out to really just be another store, just like the ones they have in town, so was really a waste of time to head up there.