The next step was to add some led’s to the quad.  I bought this set of leds from getfpv.com.  They included a power distribution board, 4 sets of boards designed to be mounted on the arms that each have 4 leds on them, and a panel for the back of the quad with a 3×3 array of led’s.  The back panel also has the logic in it to allow for programming color sequences into the led’s.  That panel required soldering another set of pin headers onto it (which didn’t go that smoothly).  And then the wires from the power distribution boards to the arm leds all had to be soldered in place, 4 wires at each end.  These wires were a real pain in the neck to get soldered properly.  The wires are very fine, and the solder pads that you have to connect them to are small and close together.  Even with my fine tip soldering iron I had all sorts of trouble getting this done without screwing things up.  Unfortunately, my pictures of this phase pretty much turned out to be pretty blurry.  This is the best of the lot, showing the arm panels wired to the distribution board, but even it’s pretty blurry.